The Venus Factor Diet Plan Reviews – Does It Work?



What’s the venus factor?

A fitness program made for women of all ages, Venus Factor. The main focus of the program is cut or weight reduction . It’s about to getting that female shape that is perfect!
The Venus Factor is a fitness and diet system for the female body which has taken a fresh method of weight loss for women. The program has rapidly attracted the eyes of women round the world for its possibility of reshaping the female body. Just speaking, it’s emerging as one of the very discussed fat-burning programs for women, that is supplying whole weight loss alongside body reshaping system. Is The Venus Factor is really exclusive, let us find out! The parts that consist of the whole system are as follows:

Weight loss and chief diet guide.

The 12-week workout system – this contains a library of educational exercise videos and entire 12-week workout system you could do at home or inside a health club.
The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist – that’s a software app that computes your unique calorie and protein requirements for weight loss unique for your physique measurements.
The Venus Community – A private online community unique regarding Venus Factor members only. You begin your own private blog within the area, can meet and study on other Venus members, or just browse added members’ sites and online community for advice. Your level of participation is your choice.
The Venus Fat Loss Program Works
Starting Using The Venus Fat Loss Program is just a simple 4-step program.
1. Determine your female body type in Session 1. Fit the image that best represents your body framework and shape
2. Input your own monthly routine. This will allow you to identify which workout plan regimen you need to be on.
3. Modify your meal plan for your lifestyle. Instead you’re on the run or a stayathome mother, you have be capable of using the cards that are visual to locate what meal plan you need to follow to get going
4. Subscribe to the Venus SUBMERGENCE community and locate others that are on your custom plan that is same and start working to enable you to attain success!
The Venus Factor is a nutrition, diet and exercise program along with advice on lifestyle choices that are healthful and inspirational guidance as a way to supply women with the essential abilities to assist them attain sustainable weight management. The program was made to create both a reasonable calorie restriction and boost in caloric expenditure.
Nourishment guidelines are given through a personalized calorie recommendation on the basis of the client ‘s current anthropometric measurements, height, bodyweight and presently level of routine action. The aim will be to supply healthy and practical guidelines to transfer the customer from an initial period of average caloric deficit into a sustainable caloric level for long haul weight maintenance.
As it pertains to weight loss, our calorie and exercise recommendations are derived from the present body of offered study in healthy adult women.
The exercise program is summarized for average strength exercise to be carried out 3-4 times each week for duration of about 45-60 minutes per session. We offer choices and multiple exercise video demonstrations that enable the user to select exercises that fit their presently level of fitness.

VENUS FACTOR: Advantages and disadvantages


  • A unique fitness program for women should you wish to become match beautiful feminine amounts. This enables you to have that fit and beautiful “bottle” body instead of a fit however unattractive “box” body.
  • A workout program that exceeds physical fitness and health. This program’s objective is to provide you that lovely feminine look.
  • Highlights the “right shape” within the “low weight”– that is really the much better metric to concentrate on for women.
  • A powerful workout and dieting plan that does not volume you up. That’s, you will have the ability to keep your sexy feminine features.
    Handle the weight reduction trifecta– nutrition, exercise, and inspiration.
  • Based upon extensive research and scientific evidence.
  • Extremely effective. That’s, the nutrition and workout regimens are developed to offer maximum effect at the least time used up.
  • The success stories are motivating. There have actually been a great deal of dramatic transformations produced by the program.
  • The authors’ recommendations are mentioned. While likewise enabling you to confirm the reliability of each claim the program makes this shows good faith.
  • The workouts are revealed through video and photos so it’s easy to check out and do each one of the workouts properly.
  • The program carries out for any lady, at any level of physical fitness. So you may do the workouts, you simply have to be in good health.
  • This software application isn’t really about pounds and weighing yourself. You just have to enter the very best shape for your body. You are not taking on anyone.
  • You do not have to count calories in addition to to restrict yourself too considerably. You can enjoy your chosen foods, within factor, needless to state.
  • No expensive gym gear required, all are household workouts.
  • Includes 60 days 100 % money back assurance


  • Strictly for women. There’s an equivalent program developed for guys which is produced by the exact same author
  • Not easy to use. The program presumes that you are currently knowledgeable about checking out exercise and diet charts while leaving “how to use this program” section or no “user guide”.
  • Not for total beginners. That’s, basic fitness terms aren’t clarified. The program presumes that you currently understand terms like sets and representatives, weight categories, and so on
  • This program takes a bit quantity of work. If you are searching for “designer” workout program, a silver bullet weight loss solution, or bodyjam-type class sessions, you are taking a look in the wrong product.
  • Additional investment could be anticipated on supplements, healthier foods, and exercise devices or gym memberships.
  • Many areas of the program are located online. This product will not have the ability to assist you if you do not have internet access in grocery store or your gym.
  • Inconsistent customer care response. In some cases you’ll get a response however the majority of the time you will not.
  • The actual nutrition element provides great deals of flexibility, possibly too significantly flexibility. Some women would’ve discovered a more structured diet plan helpful.
  • VF is info on forming the body as well as getting perfect figure. For anybody who is seeking to lose a number of pounds rapidly then this program is not for a person.
  • You have to follow the plan, exercise difficult with 100 % commitment.
  • Only works for females. This program is definitely worthless to fit your needs, if you are a man!
  • The program depends on “workouts”– if you have any bone damage, this isn’t to fit your needs.
  • Digital product just. No Physical products are likely to be delivered to you.

How The Venus Weight loss Program Functions

Starting Using The Venus Fat Loss Program is just a simple 4-step program.

1. Identify your female physique in Session 1. Fit the image that finest represents your body shape and frame
2. Input your regular monthly regimen. This will certainly assist you determine which workout plan programs you ought to be on
3. Customize your meal plan to your way of life. Rather you are on a stay or the go in the house mom, you’ve have the ability to utilize the visual cards to discover exactly what meal plan you ought to follow to obtain begun
4. Sign up for the Venus ENGAGEMENT group and discover others who are on your exact same custom plan and begin collaborating to assist you accomplish success!
The Venus Factor is just a diet, nutrition and exercise program incorporated with motivational tips in order and information on healthy lifestyle choices to provide the necessary skills to assist them accomplish sustainable weight management to women. Increase in caloric expenditure and the program is developed to create both a moderate calorie restriction.

Nutrition guidelines are offered through a customized calorie recommendation based upon the customer’s present anthropometric measurements, height, bodyweight and currently degree of normal exercise. The target is to offer practical and healthy guidelines to go the client to your lasting caloric stage for long term weight maintenance from a preliminary stage of reasonable caloric deficit.

Exercise recommendations and our calorie are based on available research in healthy adult women’s current body as it refers to weight reduction.

The exercise program is described for moderate intensity exercise to be carried out 3-4 times weekly for duration of roughly 45-60 minutes per session. We offer options and multiple exercise video demonstrations that enable the user to select workouts that match their currently level of physical fitness.

What’s Included in venus diet

Section 1: Nutrition

Access to custom software and a nutrition guide

Section 2: Custom workout program and video coaching lessons

Section 3: And you may also get access to:

You get access to an online community with other women who are also doing this diet and exercise plan.


That’s right… only $47

The Venus Factor program is also backed by our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.